Accounts Payable Automation Podcast

Podcast Episode 1: Getting started with AP automation

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 —       Mikko Hytonen, CEO of Dooap, shares his experience with accounts payable automation over his 20 years of experience in finance. He covers topics like: What is AP Automation and why did it come about? AP Automation market landscape Tips for CFOs to implement AP Automation in their organization...

How are invoices imported into an accounts payable automation solution?

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 — As mentioned in our post “What is accounts payable automation?”, there are primarily (2) formats in which companies receive invoices from their vendors in North America. Paper invoices via direct mail and PDF invoices via email. Now, there are other formats like EDI that companies use to receive...

Accounts Payable Automation Machine Learning

Benefits of machine learning for AP in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 — Introduction to machine learning in accounts payable Over 100,000 users leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (MS D365FO) as their cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Not only does MS Dynamics 365 provide unparalleled visibility into your overall financial...

Remote work

How to adapt accounts payable to remote conditions

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 — At the moment this is written, there are over 1 million confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and over 21,000 deaths. Governments across the world are reacting to the spread of this deadly and highly-contagious novel virus that puts young and old at risk. In the United States, "social...

Accounts Payable Automation

What is accounts payable automation?

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 — Accounts payable automation refers to the application of technology to the accounts payable process with the goal of increasing visibility, process efficiency and reducing manual interaction. Breaking it down we have two key concepts: accounts payable and automation.


Improving Your AP Process with Machine Learning in D365FO and AX

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 — Everywhere you look there's another article written about machine learning and automation. You understand the concepts but aren't sure how it applies to your day-to-day job. If you work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or Dynamics AX in a Finance or Accounts Payable role, you...

Team Dooap

Meet Our Newest Team Members: Brent Hametner and Matt Oguz

Dooap Inc.

March 2020 — In times like this, it's important to stay safe and focus on those that matter the most – people. It’s been an exciting 12 months for Dooap as we expand our presence in the U.S. market. Since we moved our offices to Austin last May, we’ve been continuing to grow and hire staff in all areas of the...

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