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D365 Finance Accounts Payable Automation Integration

Dooap Integrates Seamlessly with D365 Finance

Dooap Integrates Seamlessly with D365 Finance

Dooap is a SaaS web application delivered from the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It utilizes all the data already in D365, following the Dynamics business logic and rules.

Microsoft Preferred Solution

Dooap is a Microsoft Preferred solution available on Microsoft Appsource.

Simple and Efficient D365 Finance Integration


Get Started Easily

The only technical requirements are:

  • Supported Dynamics version (D365 Finance or AX 2012) 
  • Azure Active Directory 
  • Supported browser (Chrome or Edge) 
  • Supported mobile device (iOS, Android) 

D365 Version Compatibility

Dooap is fully aligned with the Microsoft Dynamics update cadence. You can determine your own Dynamics update schedule, Dooap is compatible with three previous D365 Finance versions, as well as the upcoming (preview) version. Dooap integration package is delivered to D365 environments, testing & production, via customer’s Microsoft Lifecycle Services (LCS). This allows for a simple set up without the extensive involvement of your Dynamics partner.


No Implications to the D365 Codebase or Performance

The Dooap package is fully independent and will not conflict with D365 Finance modifications or vertical solutions. Dooap has its own dedicated custom APIs in D365 Finance, and the integration messaging is based on modern, real-time REST calls. No batch jobs needed in Dynamics. As an external web application, Dooap does not consume your Dynamics computing and storage resources.


Security and Data Protection

End-users log in to Dooap with the same credentials they use to log in to D365 Finance and Office 365 (Azure AD). Single sign-on (SSO) is supported and only users created in Dynamics can log in to the Dooap application. Client data is stored in a client-specific database on Azure cloud and clients can have an offline copy of the data anytime.


Simple AX 2012 to D365 Transition

If you have implemented Dooap to your AX 2012 ERP and decide to transition to D365 Finance, it's easy. The Dooap user interface and functionality remain the same. Dooap will simply be connected to your D365 Finance system, and you'll continue to be able to use Dooap's user-friendly software. 


Plug and Play Tax Integration

Dooap seamlessly integrates with Vertex Tax Solution and your ERP system, creating an unbeatable and indispensable trio. Vertex keeps you automatically tax compliant by consistent and accurate tax updates, automatic maintenance of jurisdictional changes, and staying on top of other tax policy data. Ultimately, tax compliance becomes effortless.

Yvonne Muench, Microsoft

Microsoft and our AppSource partner Dooap are dedicated to empowering businesses with transformative solutions, such as Dooap accounts payable automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Dooap’s solution seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 data and business logic, while offering a sleek interface and Power BI analytics for exceptional visibility into vendor invoice data.

Yvonne Muench
Sr. Director, Marketplace & ISV Journey

Learn more about Dooap’s end-to-end accounts payable automation solution and how easy it is to get started and optimize your organization's AP processes.


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