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About Us

We Care About Accounts Payable

For many organizations, accounts payable has been viewed as a negligible “back-office” function, rarely optimized and frequently prone to error through manual tasks. The founders of Dooap knew AP could work differently!

Accounts Payable is a critical function with dozens of ripple effects across the organization, so AP professionals deserve a tool that simplifies the process and enables continuous optimizations. That’s why we created Dooap.

We know an ERP alone isn't enough to effectively manage AP. As experts both in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and the invoice-to-payment process, we decided to develop the Dooap AP automation solution as Microsoft made its move to the cloud.

Our mission: provide an AP automation solution that offers AP professionals and business users an excellent user experience, saves time and money and makes AP fun and easy. The result – happy and supported customers that enjoy working with us!

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We Learn and Develop – You Reap the Benefits

We’re continually evolving to ensure we offer the most purposeful AP automation solution for Microsoft D365 Finance. We focus on user experience and intuitive features that benefit business users and AP teams. With advancements like machine learning, we always offer our clients beneficial and state-of-the-art features. With us, your AP process continuously improves and stays on par with the most recent technological advances.

Team Dooap

To serve our clients best, we’ve assembled a group of skillful and motivated employees with versatile backgrounds working from a variety of different places – from Austin, TX to Helsinki, Finland. Customer happiness is our team’s number one priority. We’re always eager to support clients on their path to AP automation...and our clients notice!

Dooap team at Community Summit 2023

What Our Clients Say About Us

“It has made my job so much easier, with less chance for human error. Very fast invoice entry and gives me time to focus on other areas of making our AP process more efficient. I love Dooap! ”
“...the system has been very reliable and the IT support is very responsive when there are any issues. There are also frequent upgrades to correct and improve the software.”
“Consultant responsiveness exceeded expectations, almost immediate responses and extremely helpful.”

What about the dog?

Hi! My name is Dooap.

Hi! My name is Dooap. I’m a Border Collie, which as you may know makes me a part of the most intelligent working dog breeds in the world. I love to herd sheep and I make sure they stay on their pasture, so not a single one ever goes astray.  

Invoices? They’re all sheep to me!  

In the digital world, AP professionals trust me, I’m their best AP friend. I specialize in accounts payable automation, focused on wrangling and handling invoices. I make sure my AP friends never need to worry about invoices going astray in Microsoft Dynamics 365.