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AP Automation Web App for D365 Finance



Accounts Payable Made Simple with User-Friendly Software

Dooap’s web app design is focused on addressing the typical pain points of AP software usability. The simple, user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to optimize AP performance and create visibility and control over the entire accounts payable process. The straightforward dashboard view, along with customizable visual workflows, and machine learning capabilities enable AP teams to effectively manage AP without time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.

The practical and convenient usability of our web app is one of the reasons clients keep choosing us over the competition!


Dooap Features

Automated Invoice Intake

User-friendly Dashboard

Dooap’s intuitive dashboard offers AP users a convenient interface to make accounts payable straightforward and efficient. AP professionals can easily select the appropriate workflow for a given invoice, filter outstanding and active invoices, code and comment, review invoice details, including invoice images, and more – all from Dooap’s convenient web app. 


PO Matching

Automatic PO matching based on Dynamics setups allows for 2/3-way matching, miscellaneous charges, tolerances to enable a truly automated and touchless AP process. If there are any discrepancies that need human intervention, all the adjustments can be addressed in Dooap.


Exception Handling

Why spend time on manual and time-consuming invoice management tasks that are error-prone, when you could have all those same processes automated and consequently, more efficient. Dooap allows your team to focus on exception handling and overall more strategic, value-add activities.


Machine Learning Functionality

Dooap’s advanced and intuitive user interface uses machine learning functionality, working in real-time to predict and improve your workflows and coding for invoices based on probable handling options from your previous transactions. Continuous improvements create an overall more optimized AP process that saves you time and creates more efficiency.


Power BI Analytics

Dooap utilizes Microsoft Power BI to deliver insights and create visibility for your accounts payable process performance. You can leverage ready-to-use Dooap report templates that focus on performance KPIs, such as open invoices per approver, an automation report for periodic accruals, or create your own reports through available API connections.


Touch-free Automation

From invoice receiving, data capture, validation, matching, coding, reviewing, and approving, each part of the accounts payable process can be automated with Dooap to enable completely touch-free automation. No human intervention is needed once you're set up with your organization's designated AP workflows and processes.


Dooap Mobile App

In addition to Dooap's easy-to-use web app, users get the same convenient functionality in our native mobile app. The mobile app design is focused on user experience, including a simple 'swipe right' feature to approve outstanding invoices. Learn more about why Dooap's mobile app is perfect for any invoice approver. 

Dooap Mobile

Clients love what Dooap does for accounts payable

“A great product that serves a good purpose, filling in the invoicing gap left by Dynamics 365.”
“The system is reliable and easy to use.”
“Dooap delivers excellent results, it's user-friendly and is constantly improving the work processes.”