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Key Contacts


Mikko Hytönen
Chief Executive Officer

+1 (917) 938 6446
Mikko is a seasoned software business veteran with 20 years of experience in the field. Mikko wants to understand how technology changes our lives and the world we live in. Passionate about sports.

Antti Kosunen

Antti Kosunen
Chief Business Development Officer


Purchase-to-pay expert with probably the world’s first cloud AP solution under his belt. Father of four sons and marathon runner.

Kristin Ewart

Kristin Ewart
Director, Professional Services


Client focused professional with over 15 years of Software Implementation and Account Management experience. Passionate about gardening, traveling, yoga and meditation. Proud guardian to 8 beautiful cats.

Anna Tujunen

Anna Tujunen
Chief Product Officer


Former controller now developing software “from an AP professional to an AP professional”. She is also a member of the Business Payments Coalition e-Invoice Work Group . Loves traveling and music quizzes.

Zachary Camacho

Zachary Camacho
Sales Development Representative


Sales expert offering a history of exceeding financial targets with proven expertise in customer service, account management, and relationship-driven sales techniques.

Upasna Dadabhai

Upasna Dadabhai
Technical Product Consultant


Upasna has three years of software solutions experience. She loves to code and solve technical problems in unique ways. Outside of work, she's an avid adventurer and tennis pro.

Juan Cornejo

Juan Cornejo
Solutions Consultant


Juan has three years of experience with software integration and implementation. He loves to work on complex issues and make everyone’s life easier. Juan likes going to the gym, playing soccer with friends, and going on walks.

Lauri Hölttä

Lauri Hölttä
Chief Technology Officer


Lauri is a leader who creates, grows, and maintains successful cloud products and platforms. He's also an expert in product management, software development, and information security. Catch him on his mountain bike or enjoying a cold beer.

Sari Aapola

Sari Aapola
Chief Marketing Officer


Seasoned technology marketer, author on Thought Leadership, speaker and trainer. Choir singer and avid cook.


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