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Delight Your D365 Finance Clients with the Best AP Automation Solution

Partnering with Dooap is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Your clients will be happier when you’re able to offer them Dooap’s user-friendly accounts payable automation solution – and we make it easy to get started. Sign up today and start earning tomorrow.


Your D365 Clients

A streamlined AP automation approach will greatly benefit any of your D365 Finance clients. Let’s team up and introduce the AP optimizations that your clients deserve.


Client Referral

Refer your D365 Finance client to us and we’ll connect with them to determine how we can transform their AP process.


Start Earning

Sign up today, no strings attached. If your referred client selects Dooap as their AP automation solution, you’ll earn 10%.

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We understand you’re tired of long negotiations with ISVs that request you agree to a 20-page contract. That’s why we’ve made it simple for partners to get started with Dooap. No hoops to jump through, no fine print, no caveats – just a chance for us to prove how trustworthy Dooap is and the opportunity to transform your clients' AP processes.

Plus, we know you’re busy, so once we’re partners, we’ll take care of sales, onboarding, and support for your clients.

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Dooap’s Complete AP Automation Solution for D365 Finance

Your clients can rest easy knowing Dooap is a Microsoft Preferred and Certified solution available on Microsoft Appsource.

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Our AP Automation Software

Dooap’s end-to-end accounts payable automation for D365 Finance empowers AP professionals and approvers with an intuitive user experience to facilitate the best invoice management. Our holistic offering makes it easy for clients to experience the most productive invoice-to-pay process. Learn more about our complete AP automation solution.

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Our Service

In addition to our user-friendly AP automation software, our team is always on hand to provide professional service every step of the way. Beginning with onboarding, our skillful Solution Consultants will ensure clients are up and running in no time. After they’re onboarded, clients can rely on Dooap’s experienced support team to provide friendly and quick support.

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Our D365 Finance Expertise

Our competency and experience with D365 Finance is unparalleled, which makes our integration with the ERP a walk in the park. We can expertly consult D365 Finance clients with the most optimal improvements to enhance their AP process. You can trust that your clients will be happy they chose Dooap. 

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Yvonne Muench, Microsoft

Microsoft and our AppSource partner Dooap are dedicated to empowering businesses with transformative solutions, such as Dooap accounts payable automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Dooap’s solution seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 data and business logic, while offering a sleek interface and Power BI analytics for exceptional visibility into vendor invoice data.

Yvonne Muench
Sr. Director, Marketplace & ISV Journey

What Partners Say About Us

“Our team continues to be impressed by the Dooap solution and our engagement with everyone from the organization.”
“In contrast to other solutions on the market, Dooap is extremely user-friendly.”
“Our customers love using Dooap's mobile capabilities and having the ability to access and handle all parts of the AP process, from wherever they are.”
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