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Optimize Your Invoice Receiving

Which approach to invoice receiving is best for your team?

To truly have an efficient and automated accounts payable process, invoice receiving should be seamless. There are several options for invoice receiving, e-invoicing being the most ideal – but many organizations still receive paper or emailed invoices. That's why we offer an OCR tool and Capture as a Service solution, so you can choose the most suitable receiving solution for your organization based on your situation and preferences.



Receiving e-invoices allows for 100% electronic delivery of invoices from vendors’ billing systems to your AP system. With e-invoicing in place, there is no manual human intervention required and in a matter of seconds invoices are received and data is saved. E-invoicing also means no more paper waste. Several XML formats are supported out-of-the-box, with the ability to add additional formats easily. Since its inception, Dooap has been an active member of the Business Payments Coalition e-Invoice Work Group that is working towards creating standards for e-invoicing, eliminating barriers to adoption.  


Capture as a Service

Capture as a Service (CaaS) is a fully outsourced turn-key service that frees up your organization from time-consuming manual invoice work. CaaS solutions use invoice templates and ensure the software is accurately scanning and capturing invoice data, and continually improving. At Dooap, we will create a dedicated email inbox for emailed invoices and a P.O box for paper invoices. We'll handle the invoices for you, including invoice receiving, preparation, conversion to pdf, data capture, data validation, data correction, and invoice template maintenance. Utilizing the CaaS solution enables your team to reap the benefits of high-quality data capture immediately and focus their time on more important strategic tasks.


In-house OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software recognizes characters and keywords in paper and PDF invoices. With in-house OCR software, you have full control and responsibility for digitizing invoices once they arrive, but you must effectively supervise the software to ensure the software is accurately reading specific invoice data from different invoice templates. To be most effective, the OCR tool must sift through a high volume of invoices in order to learn how to properly comb through your invoice data and manual validation is required to maintain a high level of quality data. At Dooap, we offer an OCR tool that utilizes machine learning to receive and capture invoice data, allowing the invoice to be routed for coding, matching, and approval.  If you’re already utilizing an OCR tool for invoice capture, Dooap makes it simple to plugin and get started.

Why is automated invoice capture an important part of AP automation?


Accurate data

True AP automation requires automation across the entire AP process, including how invoices are received. With automated invoice capture you can ensure accurate data is brought in from invoices, paving the important path to complete AP automation.

Automatic coding

Enable your team to have the most ideal AP process, where invoices are automatically coded and entered into your invoice automation system, routed through an automated workflow that generates reminders for invoice reviewers, and enforces compliance of your organization’s policies.

Focus on exceptions

Equip your AP staff with the tools they need to be able to focus on invoice exceptions and other more critical tasks.


How Capture as a Service Works:



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