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Optimize Your Invoice Receiving

Which approach to invoice receiving is ideal?

To have a super-efficient accounts payable process, your invoice receiving game needs to be smooth. There are a few ways to do it, and e-invoicing is the top pick. But let's face it, most organizations are still dealing with paper or emailed invoices. That's where Dooap's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) skills come into play. We've got your back, offering you the smartest way to receive invoices.



E-invoicing is a smooth method for vendors to electronically deliver invoices directly from their billing systems to your accounts payable (AP) system. No manual fuss needed – it's all automated, and your invoices and data are safely received and stored in mere seconds. Plus, it's eco-friendly, cutting out the need for paper. Dooap's got your back with support for various XML formats right out of the box, and we've made it super easy to add more formats if needed. By the way, Dooap has actively participated in the Business Payments Coalition e-Invoice Work Group, dedicated to establishing standards for e-invoicing and promoting its widespread adoption.


Dooap Capture

If your organization mostly receives invoices via email, you're in luck with Dooap Capture! It's super speedy and can handle various document formats like PDF, Word, Excel, and more. Plus, it's smart and self-learning, thanks to AI, so it's incredibly accurate, and it processes everything in mere seconds. No need to teach it different invoice templates either. Once it captures everything (both header and line data), your invoices are good to go for PO matching, approval workflows, etc.. For more details check out the video below:


How Dooap Capture works:

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Why is automated invoice capture an important part of AP automation?


Accurate data

True AP automation requires automation across the entire AP process, including how invoices are received. With automated invoice capture you can ensure accurate data is brought in from invoices, paving the important path to complete AP automation.

Automatic coding

Enable your team to have the most ideal AP process, where invoices are automatically coded and entered into your invoice automation system, routed through an automated workflow that generates reminders for invoice reviewers, and enforces compliance of your organization’s policies.

Focus on exceptions

Equip your AP staff with the tools they need to be able to focus on invoice exceptions and other more critical tasks.