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Data-Driven AP Automation

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Dooap Analytics


Dooap Analytics offers a packaged solution of all the most important KPI’s you need for Accounts Payable. Visualize your KPI's through reports that fit your company's needs. Your company will have the power to build a data-driven approach by utilizing Power BI to make impactful strategic decisions for your accounts payable. 

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Total Visibility and Control

At Dooap, we believe that without proper analytics, you cannot have reliable AP automation. To support your AP day-to-day work, you need the appropriate dashboards to ensure transparency into the process and analytics to make optimizations and reveal the bottlenecks. Data, if used correctly, can inform you of the entire 360-view on how your company is doing and where to improve.

Role-based dashboards allow you to apply your focus to what is most important. Vendor analytics can get you insights into vendor behavior and process efficiency, which empowers you to dig deeper into every step of your automation process. AP Tools help your Accounts Payable with daily procedures, month-end closing, and monitoring the status of the overall AP.

We designed features for three different purposes:

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Tools For AP

Reports and tools to help in daily/monthly governance of AP:

  • Aging reports
  • Accruals
  • Open invoices
  • Reconciliations
  • Cross-checking lists
  • Due invoices
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Visibility For Finance Managers

For monitoring and process transparency:

  • Invoice flows (total invoices in each step) with trends
  • Automation levels
  • Audit trail
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Optimization For CFO's

For strategic business decisions and process optimization:

  • Process efficiency
  • Bottlenecks
  • Strategic decisions
  • Invoice cycle times
  • Vendor Behaviour
Dooap UI - Vendor view
Dooap Vendor view

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