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Payment Solution

Dooap supports end-to-end AP automation, from invoice capture to vendor payment. AMC Banking, a Microsoft certified provider of leading payment and bank integration software, enables secure automated payments.

Benefits of Payment Automation

Improved visibility, control, and fraud prevention

Enhanced visibility, control, and fraud prevention

Internal data validation and connection with your ERP enables fraud prevention and visibility for payment processing.
No more manual work

No more manual work

A centralized payment process allows for accurate and timely payment to vendors without manual data entry.
Covers all payment methods

All payment methods supported

Whichever payment method is required by your vendor, including ACH, direct debit, EFT, positive pay, wire transfer, SEPA and many others, our payment automation solution has you covered.

Key Features of Payment Automation with AMC Banking

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Vendor Payments

  • Use almost any payment method to create and send any size payment to your vendors’ bank.
  • Store vendor banking information, customize, and automate future recurring payments to ensure payments are made on time.
Customer payments

Import of Customer Payments and Auto Settlement

  • Automatically receive, import, and match incoming payments, both structured and unstructured.
  • Integrate existing business and transaction codes to identify and post recurring transactions.
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Automatic Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Ensure ledger balances always correspond with actual bank balances.
  • Create and post ledger proposals for unknown or unexpected bank transactions such as fees and interest.

Microsoft Certified Invoice & Payment Automation

Microsoft Certified Invoice & Payment Automation

Available on Microsoft AppSource

AMC Banking Highlights

AMC Banking allows your business to execute multiple banking activities from a variety of different banks from one centralized location, within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

600 Banks Supported Worldwide

600 Banks Supported Worldwide


Secured Connection to Your Bank


Bank Format Changes Included


Hundreds of Dynamics Customers