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Webinar: State of AP Automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Paper invoices? Gone.
Manual invoice data entry? Not interested.
Back-and-forth email approvals? No more.

Due to the successful reception of last year’s webinar on AP automation, HSO and Dooap are teaming again to present the State of AP Automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Featuring the most up-to-date insights from AP automation insiders, this webinar is for finance departments wanting to learn how AP automation is evolving for Microsoft Dynamics and how companies across multiple industries can adapt.

Join us Wednesday, February 26th at 12:00pm CST as we discuss:

  • Introduction to HSO & DOOAP
  • Latest news about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 landscape
  • What implementing AP Automation looks like today

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Webinar: Unlocking Invoice Management Efficiency in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

Join us on Thursday, February 13th at 01:00 PM CST to find out how your Accounts Payable department can reach the next level of efficiency and performance by adopting a top-of-the-line AP automation solution designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO.

In this webinar, Anna Barnett, Director of Research Operations at Levvel Research details why organizations using MS D365FO should choose a solution that is both advanced in its AP functionality and deeply integrated with MS Dynamics. In addition, Dooap CEO Mikko Hytönen introduces Dooap’s approach to AP automation for MS Dynamics 365 FO.

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