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Accounts Payable Automation Mobile App

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Easily Manage Invoices with Dooap Mobile

Dooap’s mobile app is designed with the optimal user experience in mind. The intuitive interface makes it easy for business users to navigate the app and save time reviewing, commenting, and approving invoices. Dooap's native mobile app gives you the extensive features of the web app right in the palm of your hand to serve today's dynamic work environment.

End-users log in to Dooap with the same credentials they use for D365 Finance.

The Dooap Mobile App in Action

The Dooap mobile app in action

Dooap Mobile App Features

Dooap’s mobile app gives business users the accessibility and flexibility to easily manage invoices from anywhere.



Simply swipe through invoices and review details, invoice images, and comments.



‘Swipe right’ to approve invoices from anywhere, anytime.



Easily code non-PO invoices and manage invoice workflows.



Access all invoice history, post questions, and colloaborate on invoices.

AP approver at the park

Imagine This...

A very time-sensitive invoice is sent to an approver on his week off while he's enjoying an afternoon at the park with his family. It’s important that this invoice is approved quickly, but the invoice approver won’t be home with his desktop for another couple of days.

Instead of potentially delaying an important payment, the invoice approver can simply review the outstanding invoice on his Dooap mobile app. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for the user to review, check past invoice history, and correct the coding dimension for this invoice. When he's done reviewing, he can easily 'swipe right' to approve, and get right back to enjoying the sunny afternoon at the park. With the functionality of the web app right at their fingertips, invoice approvers don’t need to be tied to their computer to get time-sensitive invoices reviewed and approved!

What Dooap Customers Think

“The solution [Dooap] checked all of our boxes, and then some.”
“Its easy-to-use interface [Dooap] and mobile app were head and shoulders above anything else we looked at.”
“We are excited about the automation that Dooap has brought to our AP process.”


Dooap's AP Automation Web App

Learn more about what makes Dooap’s accounts payable automation solution the most user-friendly interface to increase invoice processing efficiency for D365 Finance users 

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