Accounts Payable Automation Tips & Tricks for AP Best practices

Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process: 5 Best Practices

Dooap Inc.

December 2020 — Let’s face it. 2020 has been a totally unexpected and challenging year, to say the least. As we head into 2021, it’s a time to not only evaluate how we’ve faired, but also to reassess what we’ve been doing and where we should be heading from here.  While work from home mandates this year have...

Accounts Payable Automation Machine Learning Dooap Tales

Dooap is Always Learning by Doing

Dooap Inc.

December 2020 — In our previous issue of Dooap tales, we shared how Dooap’s mobile app makes it simple to approve invoices anywhere, anytime – saving your day off, you can quickly go back to enjoying your day.   This time we're focusing on Dooap's machine learning capability that enables Dooap to continually learn...

Accounts Payable Automation

Beware! A Halloween AP Horror Story

Dooap Inc.

October 2020 — It was a cold, damp night on All Hallows’ Eve, as Mandy made her way through the dark streets on the way to her office. The city was a ghost town, eerily quiet due to the quarantine, and tree branches cast menacing shadows of long outstretched arms on the pavement.  Mandy thought she heard...

Accounts Payable Automation Dooap Tales

Dooap Mobile App Saved My Day Off

Dooap Inc.

October 2020 — In our previous issue of Dooap tales, we shared how simple it is to approve invoices from anywhere with Dooap’s mobile app.   The user-friendly design makes it convenient to address invoices quickly, especially time sensitive ones. At one point or another, many of us have focused on an urgent work...

Accounts Payable Automation New Analytics Module

6 Key KPIs for How You Should Measure AP Efficiency

Dooap Inc.

October 2020 — Your organization's accounts payable department is a manifestation of your financial dexterity. When AP flows like water, your procure-to-pay stands out. According to McKinsey, enterprises that lead in P2P also lead in corporate performance. That shouldn't be surprising. Maximizing your end-to-end...

Accounts Payable Automation Trends New Analytics Module

Analytics is Moving Full Speed Ahead, Leaving Reporting in the Dust

Dooap Inc.

September 2020 — Many companies are turning to finance process automation for the visibility and efficiencies that help their current practices run smoother and more effectively. While many are making progress in those areas, it is often not enough and they need to consider advanced automation. Without getting your...

Accounts Payable Automation Microsoft Dynamics 365 Best practices

The True ROI of AP Automation

Dooap Inc.

September 2020 — In today's digitally-charged financial ecosystem, AP is often left in the digital dust. A massive 70% of invoices are still processed on paper, and AP departments around the globe (big and small) still struggle with archaic, manual processes that directly contradict digital innovations elsewhere in...

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