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Take the Pain Out of Your Invoice Management

Invoice management should be automated, interesting and rewarding. Dooap is a well-designed and secure software that helps you handle your invoices efficiently. And you'll have fun while doing so!


Dooap Stories:
SA Recycling LLC

SA Recycling is a world leader in the metal recycling and processing industry. It has almost 80 facilities located throughout the Southwestern United States and locations in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. SA Recycling uses the Dooap AP Automation Solution for handling invoices.

Why Dooap?


Just Swipe Invoices Off Your To-Do List

The mobile app makes work independent of time and place. Using the software is fun and easy. It increases motivation and fast adoption.

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It’s Seamless with D365

ERP integration using Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations business logic. Automatic matching of PO invoices and coding of non-PO invoices. Mobile-first, cloud-based, OCR and Office 365 integration. Also available for Dynamics AX 2012.

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From AP Professionals to AP Professionals

Automation gives your AP professionals more time for exceptions than routines. Dooap makes work more motivating and less error-prone.

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Just Swipe Invoices Off Your To-Do List

First we analyzed all purchase-to-pay workflows for the optimal user experience. Then we created a cloud-native, mobile-first app that serves the mobile workforce and tomorrow’s needs. 

Review and approve invoices as easily on a smartphone as on your computer.

Learn about Dooap's top-of-the-class Mobile app.

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Use your waiting time at the airport or your cab ride to securely and quickly get your invoice review and approval routines out of the way.


It’s Seamless with Dynamics 365 and AX

Dooap is available on Microsoft’s AppSource. Seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO), Dooap works “right out of the box”. It uses all the data already in the ERP and follows the business logic rules built inside Dynamics. Dooap is also available for Dynamics AX 2012.

Learn more about Dooap's seamless integration with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

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Get a tool that is both easy and fun to use. Get more work done in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

Dooap Desktop

From AP Professionals to AP Professionals

Automation gives your AP professionals time to respond to exceptions rather than handling routines. Add an easy-to-use user interface, and work becomes more motivating with fewer errors. 

Every user we asked said Dooap has the easiest interface they’ve seen.

Learn more about why AP professionals love Dooap.

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Forward-looking Users

Is your organization using Microsoft Dynamics AX or D365? Make your purchase-to-pay process more effective by including world-class invoice automation, cloud-native and designed for Dynamics.

Get rid of error-prone manual processes, make the most of your ERP’s Purchase Order practices and reap the benefits of Dooap’s usability.

Progressive Partners

Do you resell Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions? Check out the coolest addition to your D365 for Finance and Operations portfolio – Dooap Accounts Payable Automation for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

100% of users say it has the easiest user interface they’ve seen. Dooap is a joy for approvers to use on a smartphone as well. And it’s a good deal for you.

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