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In our previous issue of Dooap tales, we shared how Dooap's Analytics dashboard provides Mike and his colleagues an easy-to-access, packaged solution to view the most important KPIs for the Accounts Payable team.

Today, we take a look at how the foundation for a smooth ap process is a phenomenal user experience! Dooap's solution offers an unmatched user experience, allowing for personnel to easily learn the in's-n-out's of the software with a modern look and feel.

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"WOW" Your Personnel

Dooap’s AP Solution is designed with the users in mind. Dooap focuses on the key areas of the AP software where there are pain points when it comes to usability. An intuitive dashboard makes it easy to optimize your team's accounts payable performance, create visibility and gain control over the entire AP process. Thanks to the easy-to-use dashboard, customizable visual workflows, and machine learning capabilities, they can now handle accounts payable effectively and eliminate error-prone manual tasks.

The practical and convenient usability of our web app is one of the reasons clients keep choosing us over the competition!

Check back in for the next installment of Dooap tales and the progress that can be made with automated AP processes! 

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