The month-end close is critical to your business. The ability to accurately, fast and consistently know your financial status at a specific point in time will determine your profit/loss and help management make key business decisions. 

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A conversation with enVista

Dooap Inc.

May 2020 — There is a strong community of providers within the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, providing expert services and best-of-class solutions. We recently spoke with Kyle McNerney, Director of Sales, and Gene Feichtner, CPA, Solution Architect, Microsoft from leading service provider, enVista. We...

Accounts Payable Automation Podcast

Podcast Episode 2: Adapting AP to Remote Conditions

Dooap Inc.

May 2020 —       Kristin Ewart and Amanda Strickland, solution consultants for Dooap, an AP automation company in Austin, TX describe: Their personal work experience with the work from home change The change in their customer relationship dynamic The change in Dooap's company culture   Brent Hametner (00:00):...

Team Dooap Remote work

Quarantining at Dooap: Life in the time of COVID-19

Dooap Inc.

May 2020 — It’s certainly been a strange time for everyone around the world. One that requires adjustment as our business and personal spheres blend and we learn to communicate more, but at a distance. We noticed that people are opening up more and sharing more of their personal lives as we enter into their...

Accounts Payable Automation Remote work

Optimizing AP operations for COVID-19 and beyond

Mikko Hytönen

April 2020 — In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AP departments are now facing an unprecedented challenge – how to transition their activities to working remotely. This is all the more difficult given that a large majority of invoice processing activities are conducted in-house, and most Dynamics 365 for...

Accounts Payable Automation Podcast

Podcast Episode 1: Getting started with AP automation

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 —       Mikko Hytonen, CEO of Dooap, shares his experience with accounts payable automation over his 20 years of experience in finance. He covers topics like: What is AP Automation and why did it come about? AP Automation market landscape Tips for CFOs to implement AP Automation in their organization...

How are invoices imported into an accounts payable automation solution?

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 — As mentioned in our post “What is accounts payable automation?”, there are primarily (2) formats in which companies receive invoices from their vendors in North America. Paper invoices via direct mail and PDF invoices via email. Now, there are other formats like EDI that companies use to receive...

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