The days of old-school number-crunching are over. In my own experience, I’ve seen firsthand how much clout and mystery there previously was around the role of CFOs and their supporting finance teams. The team was always sitting behind closed doors making sure no one could approach them and even if...

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Four Strategies to Fast Track your Operations to a Modern AP Process

Dooap Inc.

August 2020 — There are many things businesses realized from the COVID-19 pandemic and near the top of the list was the need to automate and rationalize, as organizations struggled to keep operations going despite outdated processes and remote staff. Accounts Payable, a back-office function that is often far...

Accounts Payable Automation Dooap Tales

Up and Running in Five Days

Dooap Inc.

July 2020 — In our previous issue of Dooap tales we shared how Mike and Dooap, a CFO and his trusty border collie, caught up with Liz, a fellow CFO, while taking a walk at the park. Mike shared how AP automation is a lifesaver for his company’s cashflow management, and how it might be the perfect solution for...

Accounts Payable Automation Microsoft Dynamics 365

How Dooap Helps Scale Mid-Market Organizations

Dooap Inc.

July 2020 — 82% of executives at mid-market companies admit that digital transformation is shaking up their core business operations. We live in a digitally-driven, innovation-centric, and competition-heavy ecosystem. Supply chains are being reforged by the ever-growing complexity of Industry 4.0 and...

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AP Automation Can Speed up the Month-End Close

Dooap Inc.

July 2020 — The month-end close is critical to your business. The ability to accurately, fast and consistently know your financial status at a specific point in time will determine your profit/loss and help management make key business decisions. 

Accounts Payable Automation Dooap Tales

A walk in the park

Dooap Inc.

June 2020 — We warmly welcome you to the first issue of Dooap Tales – the amazing adventures of Dooap and his owner Mike in the world of accounts payable! Dooap is every AP professionals’ best friend and a loyal companion to his owner. Mike is a young CFO interested in the possibilities that digitalization...

Accounts Payable Automation Podcast

Podcast Episode 4: e-invoicing

Dooap Inc.

June 2020 —      Anna Tujunen, Chief Product Officer of Dooap, joins us to discuss: What is e-invoicing? Global adoption of e-invoicing Benefits to implementing Who e-invoicing is for   Brent Hametner (00:00): This is episode four of the AP Automazing podcast where we talk about all things accounts payable...

Accounts Payable Automation

How much does it cost to process an invoice?

Dooap Inc.

June 2020 — Despite automation rallying calls from Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and almost every major business analyst company, the majority of companies have yet to bridge automation and accounts payable. As businesses continue to seek sound investments and bounce-back opportunities for the post-crisis financial...

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