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5 Most Common Demo Questions – Answered

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Anna Meller-Ollila

Last October, I had the chance to attend the famous Community Summit in Charlotte. I met numerous Dynamics users and engaged in great discussions while demonstrating our AP automation software. Many of the questions were repeated throughout the week. We thought there might be more of you interested in the responses out there, so here you are – the most common demo questions – answered.

How does your OCR solution work and how does it learn?

Our invoice capture solution utilizes advanced AI technology to effortlessly extract data from invoices. The process is user-friendly: simply send an email with attached invoices, and Dooap takes care of the rest by extracting data (both header and line), transforming it into electronic input, and forwarding the invoice to Accounts Payable.

Our capture works with many different formats like PDF, Word, Excel, or even images.

While AI, like humans, may occasionally make mistakes, it also continuously learns and improves. Our OCR learns which value has been corrected by the user and what the correct value is, so that in the future, the capture accuracy improves automatically. You do not need to spend your time teaching the system different invoice templates.

How does Dooap know how to route invoices for approval? How can this process be automated?

There are various ways in which Dooap can automatically select the correct approver for the invoice. Our Machine Learning algorithms analyze the data, coding, and history of handled invoices and learn who the correct approver is. The correct workflow is selected for the invoice automatically. Dooap also offers various other methods to automate and control the approval workflows, such as D365 position hierarchy, PO orderer/requestor, financial dimension owner, Project manager, etc.

Do you integrate to the PO module in Dynamics?

Yes. We seamlessly integrate with the PO module in Dynamics, supporting both two-way and three-way matching as well as miscellaneous charges. New purchase orders and product receipts synchronize with Dooap in real-time. Dooap also knows how to match the invoices with product receipts automatically.

Can you code non-PO invoices to multiple lines? Does your system learn this for future invoices?

In Dooap, you can code non-PO invoices to multiple Ledger and Project lines. We also support copy-pasting, thus allowing users to quickly handle long invoices with many tens of lines. Based on the coded invoices, our Machine Learning algorithm learns the coding pattern and can suggest multiple-line coding automatically or with just one click. You can also copy the coding lines from old invoices with just a few clicks.

What kind of reporting do you have and can I get access to all the data?

Dooap comes with an extensive set of Power BI reports that cater to the needs of different user roles. We have a robust selection of reports targeted for AP personnel, which can measure the efficiency of the invoice handling process and identify process bottlenecks to make invoice handling more efficient and cost-friendly. We also provide a general overview of the company's expenses and forecasts for future spend for the CFOs. For procurement personnel, we offer a view of vendors' performance and an overview of unplanned purchases. We can also provide you with read access to your entire dataset.

About the Author
Anna Meller-Ollila
, is Dooap's acting Chief Product Officer. She masters both ERP and finance processes and has served as the Product Lead for Dooap since 2019 as well as the Team Lead for Business Analysts and BI consultants. In addition to her black golden retriever, Anna loves to travel and read.

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Last October, I had the chance to attend the famous Community Summit in Charlotte. I met numerous Dynamics users and engaged in great discussions...

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