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Power of Collaboration: Partnership with Ukraine's Elite Developers

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Sari Aapola

Did you know that Ukraine is renowned for its skilled software developers? That's one of the reasons why Dooap has been collaborating with Vector Software since 2020. The team in Ukraine plays an integral role within the Dooap development team in Finland. We had the opportunity to speak with them – Tetiana, Bohdan, Sofia, Sofia, and Vasil – during a Teams meeting, as they gathered at their office in Lviv, in western Ukraine. Here's what we discussed on a late November afternoon.

Effortless Communication

The Vector Dooap team comprises software engineers and their project manager. Software engineer Bohdan Kernychnyi mentioned that their work for Dooap's software is diverse, encompassing mobile app development, User Experience enhancement, test automation, and the development of onboarding and support tools used to manage Dooap's continuously expanding customer base.
Finland and Ukraine share the same time zone, which undoubtedly facilitates communication. Their day-to-day collaboration is closely-knit, with Slack serving as the primary communication channel, alongside Teams meetings, of course. Everyone on the Vector team agrees that working and conversing with colleagues in Finland is seamless, straightforward, and even fun. According to Bohdan, the collaboration is less formal compared to his prior experiences. "We share laughter and seem to have a similar sense of humor," says Sofia Hodiienko, adding that it greatly benefits their daily work.

Maintaining Professionalism

The Vector team appears to align with Dooap in terms of their mindset and objectives: Their approach to working with colleagues and customers is laid-back, yet their ultimate goal is to achieve their objectives, deliver excellent service, and maintain professionalism. This commitment is echoed by the Vector team members – their aspiration is to produce high-quality work. These young professionals dream of furthering their growth and having the opportunity to assist companies like Dooap in their expansion.
"The Vector team feels like they're a part of our team, not just another subcontractor."
I also asked Dooap's CTO, Lauri Hölttä, to describe the collaboration with their Ukrainian peers: "The Vector team feels like they're a part of our team, not just another subcontractor. They follow the same processes and use the same tools. There's a clear cultural alignment: direct communication, top-notch engineering work, and outstanding service."

About the Author
Sari Aapola
, Dooap's CMO, is a seasoned technology marketer, author on Thought Leadership, speaker and trainer. Choir singer and avid cook.

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