Accounts Payable Automation Tips & Tricks for AP

New Year’s Resolution: Eliminate Barriers to Automation

January 2019 — At the beginning of the year many finance professionals are faced with the pressures of year-end closing as well as the need to prepare financial statements. But, the new year also presents an opportunity to improve financial operations in order to gain greater efficiencies, accuracy and cost...

Tips & Tricks for AP

It’s Time for Financial Management to Embrace Experimentation

August 2018 — When we think about the financial management industry, change isn’t something that typically comes to mind. Instead we think of it as an industry where plans are considered very carefully, well-tested procedures are cherished – sometimes for too long – and change often comes reluctantly and slowly.

Tips & Tricks for AP

Invoice Handling Is Expensive: Here's How to Improve Your Processes

February 2018 — Finance teams mostly focus their development efforts on the tasks and processes they themselves spend most time on. These tasks are being automated and many are now beginning to be performed by software robotics.

Tips & Tricks for AP

Stop Wasting Money Doing Unnecessary Financial Management Tasks

February 2018 — Most development of financial management focuses on increasing automation. We are looking for ways an application or robot can perform routine tasks for us. However, before trying to automate everything in sight, we should stop and think why a task is being performed in the first place. If you look...

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