Accounts Payable Automation Microsoft Dynamics 365

How Dooap Helps Scale Mid-Market Organizations

Dooap Inc.

July 2020 — 82% of executives at mid-market companies admit that digital transformation is shaking up their core business operations. We live in a digitally-driven, innovation-centric, and competition-heavy ecosystem. Supply chains are being reforged by the ever-growing complexity of Industry 4.0 and...

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Highlights from the User Group Summit 2019 in Orlando

Sari Aapola

October 2019 — We were excited by the amount of enthusiasm for invoice automation that we saw at the Microsoft Dynamics 365FO/AX North American User Group Summit in Orlando. We had the opportunity speak with a lot of people and hear what was on the minds of users, as well as hear more from Microsoft on their...

Accounts Payable Automation Microsoft Dynamics 365

Announcement: Microsoft’s AppSource Adds Mobile-First Invoice Automation Software Dooap

Dooap Inc.

May 2017 — Dooap, leading developer of accounts payable software for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX solutions, today announced that its software application has been published on Microsoft’s AppSource marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Forget IT – This is a User Revolution!

Antti Kosunen

December 2016 — Discussion about cloud services almost invariably tends to float into the IT realm. The argumentation revolves around data security, scalability and other technical aspects. In other words, all the wrong things. The point is totally elsewhere – a revolution in business and people.

Accounts Payable Automation Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accounts Payable: To Automate or Not to Automate?

Anna Tujunen

November 2016 — In today’s highly competitive and increasingly digital market, there is more pressure than ever for finance executives to better manage working capital and corporate spending. One tremendous way to do this is by eliminating a paper-based accounts payable process and replace it with electronic...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners and Guests

How Are Microsoft Partners Evolving to Keep Up In The New Cloud Era?

Petri I. Salonen

August 2016 — The Microsoft ecosystem is undergoing a fundamental change. The move from on premise business solutions to native cloud solutions is inevitable and gaining momentum.

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