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D365 Finance vs. Best-of-Breed AP Automation: Capture & Invoice Imports

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Anna Tujunen

Accounts payable routines are a lot about document processing, coding, matching, getting the approvals, and making payments in time. There is a daily balance between streamlining as much as possible and pushing pesky exceptions forward to minimize them.

During the growth of a company, there is always a point when you can no longer keep up by doing AP manually requiring you to implement an automated process to take over most manual tasks. You know you have reached that point when working with an ERP system as big as Dynamics.

Dynamics 365 Finance works well when automating solely purchase orders and workflows. The recent improvements in the ability to match product receipts as a background batch are definitely appreciated. However, there are still problems. For example, the requirement to have the data to a level of perfection causes bottlenecks when importing to D365. Many users have reported that all their time goes to pushing invoice files through Dynamics Data Management. Which is way harder compared to inputting invoices in the vendor invoice form. 

If we can’t use real e-invoices yet (Read more about them) and have to receive invoices through emails or portals, getting invoices into the system should be EASY and automated. The system should not stop the process and require technical interventions from support, causing delays in the process.

I am fairly excited about the OCR capture functionalities now offered by Microsoft with AI Builder; however, I have been dissatisfied with how detached it is from the Dynamics process. First, you deal with mailboxes receiving incoming invoices, then you capture them with the AI builder, then there is the data management bottleneck (mentioned above) and then you start the actual process.

There shouldn’t be this many steps where the process can fail.

I have, also, been skeptical about the implementations on how much of the process we can delegate to AP staff and how much is purely technical and needs support from the IT department. I know a lot of tech-savvy AP specialists but unfortunately very often the segregation of authority limits the ability of AP staff to solve technical problems as they require more user rights and access.

In Dooap, your invoice capture will be streamlined and automated. The invoices are immediately captured from the inbox and, then, readily available for AP to validate and process. No technical setups are needed and no stuck interfaces. Choose an AP automation solution that lets you focus on more important tasks!

About the Author
Anna Tujunen
, Dooap's Chief Product Officer, is a former controller now developing software “from an AP professional to an AP professional”. She is also a member of the US e-invoicing Sub-group. This well-versed AP guru loves traveling and music quizzes.

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