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Accounts Payable Automation Invoice Receiving/OCR

What is accounts payable automation?

Dooap Inc.

April 2020 — Accounts payable automation refers to the application of technology to the accounts payable process with the goal of increasing visibility, process efficiency and reducing manual interaction. Breaking it down we have two key concepts: accounts payable and automation.

Accounts Payable Automation E-invoicing Invoice Receiving/OCR

It’s All About the Data – But Not Just Any Data

Anna Tujunen

October 2018 — Streamlining your invoicing process begins with having good data. But what makes data “good"? When it comes to invoicing, it’s the type of data, as well as the format, that counts. And to be able to truly get the value from your data, you need to have structured data.

E-invoicing Invoice Receiving/OCR Thought Leadership

The Days of Paper are Numbered in Corporate Finance

Anna Tujunen

May 2018 — It’s time to say goodbye to paper – at least when it comes to corporate finance. Paper has been a mainstay of finance transactions in the U.S., but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Accounts Payable Automation E-invoicing Invoice Receiving/OCR

Digital Invoice Processing and Automation Is Leaving OCR Behind

Anna Tujunen

October 2017 — Manual invoice processing is no doubt one of the leading pain points in accounts payable. AP professionals are eager to implement automation solutions that can cut down on tedious data entry and time spent on menial invoicing tasks.

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