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E-invoicing Invoice Receiving/OCR Thought Leadership

The Days of Paper are Numbered in Corporate Finance

Anna Tujunen

May 2018 — It’s time to say goodbye to paper – at least when it comes to corporate finance. Paper has been a mainstay of finance transactions in the U.S., but it doesn’t have to be that way.

E-invoicing Thought Leadership

Creating an E-invoicing Groundswell Starts with Taking the First Step

Anna Tujunen

March 2018 — When it comes to cost savings and efficiencies, e-invoicing is a sure bet. By automating the manual process of sending and receiving invoices, AP and AR departments are freed from many repetitive and error-prone tasks, and can process invoices – and potentially pay their suppliers – much more...

E-invoicing Trends Machine Learning Thought Leadership

2018 Predictions for Accounts Payable

Antti Kosunen

January 2018 — The world of accounts payable is built on thinking in terms of processes. However, the beginning of a new year offers up a rare opportunity to look at things from a different perspective. It’s a collective moment of breath to reflect on what works, what doesn’t and what’s new for the road ahead.

Accounts Payable Automation E-invoicing Invoice Receiving/OCR

Digital Invoice Processing and Automation Is Leaving OCR Behind

Anna Tujunen

October 2017 — Manual invoice processing is no doubt one of the leading pain points in accounts payable. AP professionals are eager to implement automation solutions that can cut down on tedious data entry and time spent on menial invoicing tasks.

E-invoicing Events

E-invoicing event Exchange Summit 2016 – Summary by Sanna Kaarlejärvi

Sanna Kaarlejärvi

December 2016 — Sanna Kaarlejärvi, Dooap’s CFO and leading process consultant, visited the Exchange Summit 2016 event in Barcelona to update her views on e-invoicing.

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