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Analytics Out of Box for All Needs

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In our previous issue of Dooap tales, we saw Mike utilize the benefits of the mobile app while he was on vacation. The mobile app allowed him to delegate teammates with the substitution functionality and approve/deny invoices so he wouldn’t have to lose sleep over the thought of missing notifications or invoices.

Today, we are sharing how Dooap Analytics Dashboards gives Mike and his colleagues a packaged solution of all the most important KPI’s he needs for Accounts Payable. Using the Dooap Analytics Dashboard, users can easily view the performance of KPIs throughout the AP Process - such as: how efficiently your organization is processing invoices, utilizing cash discounts, and more.

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Analytics is quickly becoming an important feature for companies to ensure that they are efficiently streamlining operations and making impactful strategic decisions. To support AP day-to-day work, companies need the appropriate dashboards to gain transparency into the process and analytics to make optimizations and reveal bottlenecks. Dooap has designed three types of role-based dashboards, so users can apply their focus to what matters most.

Want to learn more about Dooap’s Analytics Dashboard? Check out our Analytics page, where we dive into detail about the benefits and offerings.


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