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Meet Our New CEO, Mikko Hytönen

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On a Mission to Bring Smiles to Customers Through AP Automation

2019 is turning out to be an exciting year for us. Mikko Hytönen, an industry leader with a track record in helping companies grow, has joined Dooap as our new CEO to help take us to the next level. In addition to his leadership talents and strategic expertise, Mikko is a pragmatic, yet fun-loving person, who brings a great energy to the Dooap team.

On top of this exciting news, we are moving our headquarters to the dynamic Austin, Texas tech hub.

We spoke with Mikko about these developments and his vision for the company. Here are some highlights from our discussion:

Dooap: What interested you in joining Dooap?

Mikko: I am very excited to join the team at Dooap and help build a company with so much potential for growth. Dooap has all the elements for success – talented and motivated people, an increasing customer base, and scalable, user-friendly technology that helps to solve some of the most pressing problems AP departments are facing today.

Corporate culture is also important to me and I am drawn to the culture at Dooap. There is an incredible team spirit, collaborative atmosphere, and a strong dedication to customer service. And, we have a great group of people who are fun to work with.

Dooap: Why did Dooap decide to move to Austin?

Mikko: We are poised to take the company to the next level and were looking for a tech ecosystem to support this growth. As a dynamic tech hub and center for innovation, Austin provides exactly what we need. It offers an innovative, experienced talent base; a vibrant tech community; and strategic partnership opportunities that will help us expand to meet growing market demand.

Also, with all of the arts and entertainment, universities, sports teams, restaurants, nightlife and more, Austin’s a great – and affordable – place to live.

Dooap: What is the outlook for AP automation in North America?

Mikko: We are seeing great opportunity for AP automation in North America as companies look to gain more visibility and control over their AP operations. The increasing number of paper invoices and supporting documents are overwhelming AP departments, resulting in painful inefficiencies, costly operations and lost and missing invoices that can cause payment issues. According to a survey we recently commissioned to Ardent Partners, while the level of automation in AP departments is currently very low in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, getting rid of paper is their number one priority. They realize that automation enables greater savings, early payment discounts and other key benefits.

Dooap: What is your vision for the company?

Mikko: We want our customers to smile when they use Dooap because it makes their life so much easier. Ease of use and customer experience are very important to us. We stand apart in offering a mobile-first, cloud-native and very easy-to-use AP automation solution designed from the ground up for Microsoft Dynamics users. Our solution is an ideal fit to meet the needs of the market and provide the visibility, control and efficiency organizations are looking for.

We will continue to evolve our product and service offerings to meet market needs, offer the latest technology advancements, and grow our presence across North America – particularly the U.S. – through direct sales and channel partnerships to firmly establish the Dooap as the pre-eminent market leader.

Dooap: What can we expect to see from Dooap in the near future?

Mikko: We are on a growth path. Expect to see more hires, particularly in the Austin area, new customers and partners and an expanded market presence. Stay tuned!

More about Mikko:


Mikko has 20 years of leadership experience through a variety of executive management and finance roles in the software industry. As Dooap CEO, Mikko will be responsible for overall strategy and operations, including expanding our team, growing the customer base, and continuing to develop technology and services to delight our customers.

Prior to joining Dooap, Mikko served as CEO at two software companies that he grew and were later acquired: Toimitori; and Enoro Group, where he also served as CFO. Previously, Mikko was CFO of Comptel Corporation and the finance director for Electrolux and SmartTrust Group. Hytönen holds a Master of Science (Technology) degree in mechanical engineering and industrial management from the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland.

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