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Meet Our New Solution Consultants

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Welcome Amanda and Kristin to the Dooap Team!

We’ve been hiring at a rapid pace since we’ve moved our offices to Austin last May, thanks to the growing demand for invoice automation in the U.S.  We’re pleased to introduce you to two of the latest additions to our team – Amanda Strickland and Kristin Ewart. As solutions consultants they play a key role in helping clients maximize the value they gain from our invoice automation solution.

We had an opportunity to learn more about their interests, background and focus during a recent conversation, and wanted to share some of the highlights with you: 

Dooap: How do you describe your role as a solutions consultant?

We start at the beginning of the engagement and work with AP professionals throughout the customer journey, from pre- to post-implementation. We focus on driving customer satisfaction, value and quality, which can mean different things for different clients. We get to know each customer, its specific needs and situation, so we can design and build implementations to best meet its goals. This means learning each customer’s business uses – for example, how they process invoices and how these documents are used throughout the organization. From that, we may adjust how the system creates PO-or non-PO invoices, or other tasks. Our role is strategic, but also hands-on, working with customers every step of the way to ensure success. 

And while we’re helping customers, they’re helping us too by providing insight into their needs. This helps us better understand what capabilities Dooap should consider for future product development.

Dooap: What feedback or insight have you gotten from customers since you joined the company?

All in all, Dooap has received very positive feedback from customers. A couple of comments stand out. For example, customers really enjoy the mobile app, which differs from other offerings by being completely automated and editable. This allows business professionals to review, make changes and approve invoices on the fly, which is critical for a workforce that is constantly on the go. For example, one AP professional has to manage multiple manufacturing plants and is continually traveling between them. Being able to review and edit invoices from the road is a huge benefit for him.

Customers also commented on how easy the solution is to use with minimal training. They have also appreciated the quick turnaround of customer service needs, and the accessibility of having both of us on call when needed. These are just a few of the comments we’ve received from customers.

Dooap: Tell us about your background.

Amanda: I’ve been involved in software implementation for a dozen years, in a variety of industries. I bring a solid background in technology, having worked in software configuration, quality assurance, technical support and testing. Throughout my career, my focus has always been on understanding customers and helping them meet their specific needs.

Kristin: I have 15 years of experience managing customer service in a variety of organizations. In those roles I have conducted numerous implementations, trained new employees and helped companies with strategic technology planning and implementation to gain measurable results. With Amanda’s technical expertise and my background in customer-facing roles, we are a well-matched team to provide value to Dooap customers.

Dooap: What attracted you to work at Dooap?

Amanda: It’s exciting to be in on the ground floor of an industry – and company -- that has great growth potential, given the growing need for, and interest in, invoice automation. Dooap’s solution addresses this key market need, yet it is very easy to use. I also was drawn to the informal, transparent and welcoming corporate culture at Dooap – which is reflected in the way that it treats employees as well as its customers.

Kristin: It was clear to me from the start that Dooap is a company that values integrity and honesty and practices what it preaches. It has an open door, collaborative environment and focuses on delivering high-quality, customer-focused solutions, Company management wants employees to have fun, while delivering the best, highest quality products and services.

Dooap: Tell me what you do in your spare time? Anything that might surprise us?

Kristin: I love nature. No matter the season or where I live, you can find me in the garden almost every day. I care for eight, mostly feral, cats that came from a shelter. I also enjoy yoga, cooking and traveling.

Amanda: I’m very active. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding and other outdoor sports. It might surprise you to hear that I’m in a competitive axe throwing league. I also run a cornhole league and I’m competitive in skee-ball.

We’re thrilled to have experienced, committed employees like Amanda and Kristin join our team. We’re sure you’ll enjoy getting to know them and working with them as much as we have.

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