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AMC Banking Goes Mobile

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Our banking integrations partner, AMC Banking, has officially released its new mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Now, AMC Banking users will be able to access their account overview, approve (or decline) payments, and check payment journals while on the go. 


The team at AMC recognized that users only being able to access the online banking solution via computer was not the most optimal, fastest, or the most convenient – especially in situations where you cannot access a computer. With the release of the new mobile app, customers no longer have to be restricted to accessing AMC Banking's functionalities strictly through a desktop.


AMC Mobile App


Built intuitively and with a user-friendly design, the app allows users to quickly sort and navigate the specific status of their payment journals and read through each of the payment lines. Through the tap of a button, users can approve or decline payments! Additionally, the app visually portrays detailed graphs and charts of the user's data. All data is stored securely on the user's phone through TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password): a computer algorithm generates a one-time password that uses the current time as a source of uniqueness. Moreover, syncing the user's account information is easy. To set up the app with user account information, all users need to do is simply scan a QR code, and then the account information will be ready to be accessed! The app is available on the iOS App Store and Android the Google Play Store.


Read more about the payments automation solution.



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