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Hi, I’m Dooap. I’ll handle those invoices for you!

Dooap is every AP professionals' best friend, a mobile-first, cloud-native accounts payable automation solution built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and AX 2012.

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But why choose Dooap?


Some of the customers running in our pack

Streamline your accounts payable.

Stop counting sheep after sheep. Rest peacefully knowing your invoice approvers can get the job done while driving efficiency, accuracy, and dependability. 

Why Dooap


Your guide to a more manageable AP process.

Learn how Dooap's automated accounts payable solution can help save you time, money, and resources.

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Dooap is a Microsoft Appsource Preferred Vendor. Visit AppSource.


Eats your homework

Tired of handling invoices on paper? Dooap makes sure you'll handle all your invoices in a modern, digital format.


Touchless = efficient

Humans should never have to touch invoices. Automated invoice management sets you free for strategic human tasks.


You teach, I learn

With AI and Machine Learning, you'll get rid of the pesky routines that even a dog could handle.


Easy and lovable

Forget about the days of unusable enterprise software. You deserve better. Don't settle for less. 


Whenever, wherever

You'll never have to worry about invoices waiting for review and approval. Just swipe them off your to-do list!


A little fun

Well, as fun as Accounts Payable invoice management can be.

But what is AP Automation?

AP Automation: Up and running in five steps.

Do you need help with cash flow management ASAP? With Dooap's seamless onboarding process, your automated AP solution will be up and running in no time.


Step 1

We want to know all about your unique business processes while we connect Dooap to a D365 Finance testing environment.


Step 2

See how the Dooap software can work for your business. We’ll teach you all about best practices in our training session together.


Step 3

Test your specific processes and workflows within Dooap to make sure everything runs as expected.


Step 4

Once you give us the okay, we’ll officially connect Dooap to Microsoft D365 Finance.


Step 5

You’re up and running! We’ll always be here to offer support if you have any questions that arise as you become more acquainted with the software.

Dooap is an accounts payable team's best friend.

“Dooap’s compatibility with our existing Dynamics AX system, its excellent mobile capabilities, and the great commitment from their team won us over.”
Pamela Meneress, Controller, MaxPax LLC

Pamela Mereness

Controller, MaxPax LLC

“We do a lot of accounts payable invoices, so the speed and efficiency of entering the invoices is important to us. Data entry with Dooap takes half the time than it would with Dynamics 365.”

Sandy Brooks

VP Finance, SA Recycling LLC

“This is the future way to handle invoices. We save a lot of physical space, and a lot of time. We know now where the invoices are, and who are the bad guys in the process, stuck with the invoices.”
Financial director, Digital Photography Industry

Financial Director

Digital Photography Industry

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Wait a second. Who’s the Dog?

Hi, I’m Dooap! Invoices – they are all sheep to me!

In the digital world I am an AP professional’s best friend. I am specialized in accounts payable automation solutions – I focus on handling invoices. I make sure my human friends won’t have to worry about invoices gone astray.

The pasture on which I work is built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and AX 2012.