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The Tool That Matters

Get the tool that you deserve. With Dooap you get your work done, not only better, but also faster –  all while having fun doing so.



From AP Professionals to AP Professionals

Automation – giving your AP professionals more time to respond to anomalies than handling routines – combined with an easy-to-use user interface makes work more motivating and less error-prone.

In fact, 100% of users we surveyed said Dooap has the best user interface they’ve seen.

AP's Favorite Tool


Invoice Automation

Automatic matching of PO invoices and easy coding of non-PO invoices. Automation reduces errors and speeds up processes.

AP Workflow

AP Workflow

Best invoice handling processes come standard. Route, code, review, approve, comment, archive. Dooap is designed for AP professionals.


User Experience

Dooap is designed with the optimal user experience in mind. Invoice handling through an intuitive, browser-based user interface.

Get to know Dooap better

Dooap is a mobile-first, cloud-native accounts payable solution built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. It is built from the ground up on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Automating Accounts Payable with Dooap results in greater efficiency and mobility, fewer errors, and lower purchase-to-payment processing costs.

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