The Coolest Addition to Your D365 Finance Portfolio

What is Dooap and why you should care

An ideal product for you to sell is probably one that delivers something not seen before, that users instantly find useful and whose benefits are apparent.


True Azure

A true Azure cloud solution, Dooap aligns fully with the D365 roadmap. Alignment leads to many benefits including lower risks and a simpler IT portfolio.


Secure by design

Dooap follows all Azure security guidelines and practices. It’s been developed by professionals with over 20 years of AX and Azure experience and cloud expertise.


D365 integrated

Because Dooap integrates seamlessly into Dynamics 365 Finance, onboarding and maintenance are a breeze. It requires minimal deployment effort, and uses the familiar Dynamics business logic and standard interfaces.


Beautifully simple

Users will love Dooap’s simplicity combined with efficiency. For reviewers and approvers, Dooap works conveniently on smartphones. On-the-go invoice approval is easy – just 'swipe right'.

Who Dooap is for

Who Dooap is for

Those who push paper

Your prospects who still use a manual or paper-based process will get an easily adoptable software product and the benefits of automation. The Purchase Order practices of their ERP system will be used efficiently.


Those who scan

Your prospects who use a scanning solution will get software that encourages the approvers to shift to using the software. Single-tap approval while on the go or waiting – what could be easier and more comfortable?


Those who use software

Your prospects who already use invoice approval software will rise to the next level in efficiency. The AP department will get unseen benefits from better automation, easier invoice handling and a smoother process.

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Outstanding marketing support
Thought leadership content for inbound lead generation and active outbound to fill your pipeline.

Outstanding project support
When onboarding the solution, you'll have our experts guiding you step by step. 

Outstanding sales support
Our pricing and licensing models are simple and easy to sell. Moreover, the product has a good margin.

You’ll experience what a new-generation solution can give to Accounts Payable professionals and people who need to approve invoices on the go.

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Businesses love what Dooap does for accounts payable

“It has made my job so much easier, less chance for human error. Very fast invoice entry and gives me time to focus on other areas of making our A/P process more efficient. I love Dooap!”

Dooap Client

“As a user, I love Dooap. It saves me so much time approving invoices. As an IT manager, I'm very happy with the Dooap team's responsiveness to fix issues and effort to find work-arounds...”

Maverick Baumer

IT Manager, PTR

“We have been impressed with the high level of service we received from Dooap, the time they took to understand our needs and the care they provided in setting up the system as well as follow-on customer service.”

Dooap Client

Director of Finance and Treasury