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What is Dooap?

  • Dooap is a SaaS-based web application for Accounts Payable (AP) delivered from the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Dooap integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft D365FO or AX 2012 CU9 and later. Its modern technology stack (Azure, .NET Core) and agile development methods ensure the best user experience with the functionalities your organization needs.

Which ERP systems does Dooap support?

  • Dooap integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, AX 2012 CU9 and later.

Are we required to purchase any hardware or software?

  • No, hardware or software purchases are not needed. Dooap is a ”cloud” solution delivered in a turnkey package including all that is needed.

How can we get started?

  • We advise to start with an onboarding workshop to go through your current AP process and how it can be improved. After this process walkthrough we map your setup for implementation.

Are there any prerequisites?

  • You will need Microsoft Dynamics 365 or AX 2012 ERP system and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD).


How much does Dooap cost?

  • Dooap's pricing is transaction-based. Your monthly payment is based on the number of invoices handled in Dooap.

Is there a minimum number of invoices required?

  • No, there is no minimum or maximum number of invoices.

Is there a limit to the number of approvers on Dooap?

  • Dooap does not require separate user licenses but Dynamics 365/AX needs one based on Microsoft's multiplexing rule.

How can we get a price quote for my AP automation project?

  • The easiest way to get started is to contact us through our website by filling out our demo request. You can also contact our specialists directly.

How can we monitor and manage my AP processing costs?

  • We can help you analyze your current costs. Your future costs with Dooap are always transparent as the monthly payment is based on the number of your transactions.


What is needed from our IT to implement Dooap?

  • Very little is needed from your IT as most of the setups are done by our implementation team. The initial connection with Dynamics 365/AX has to be done in sync with your IT team.

How do you provide system training?

  • We always train your main users and offer optional training for your end-users. 

Is it possible to try Dooap before making a purchase decision?

How long does it take to implement Dooap?

  • The actual setup requires only a day. The process design, training, testing and installations into your ERP system can ideally be done in just over a month.

Who is responsible for the installation?

  • Your Dynamics 365/AX partner handles the Dynamics package installation and the rest is done by the Dooap team in cooperation with you.


How does Dooap receive system updates?

  • Dooap is updated automatically, and the solution is independent from Microsoft's Dynamics 365/AX update cycle. 

How do you maintain the security of our records?

  • All your data is stored securely in the Azure Cloud, which is managed by Microsoft.
  • For example, all our US customers' data are safely stored in their dedicated databases within Microsoft Azure US East data center.

How do the users access the AP automation system?

  • The users access Dooap via a dedicated website with your Azure AD login credentials.

How does Dooap integrate with Dynamics 365/AX?

  • Dooap integration package is installed into Dynamics 365/AX. It includes custom services that connect with Dooap in real-time to obtain live data from your ERP system. 


Do we still need to print invoices we receive via email?

  • No. Email invoices can be routed to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to be captured automatically.

Can Dooap process international invoices?

  • Yes. Currencies follow your Dynamics 365/AX setup, and scanning can handle multiple languages. Please contact us for more details.

How can we look up invoices for research, inquiries, and audits?

  • You can use your Dynamics 365/AX, Dooap, or Microsoft Power BI.

What is your OCR solution?

  • We have partnered up with the leading a third-party OCR providers to provide a scan, cpature and validation service for Dooap customers. Typically the price of the service is embedded in your monthly payment.

Does Dooap use Dynamics 365/AX workflows?

  • Dooap has its own workflows that are specifically designed for AP use.

Can I use Dooap on my mobile phone?

  • Yes. Dooap is designed mobile-first, giving you access to desktop-grade functionality on any supported (iOS, Android) mobile device.

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