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Dooap Customer Reference:
SA Recycling

Interview with Sandy Brooks
VP of Finance, SA Recycling

"Data entry with Dooap takes half the time than it would with Dynamics 365"

SA Recycling is a world leader in the metal recycling and processing industry. It has almost 80 facilities located throughout the Southwestern United States and locations in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. SA Recycling uses the Dooap AP Automation Solution for handling invoices.

"We do a lot of accounts payable invoices, so the speed and efficiency of entering the invoices is important to us”, says Sandy Brooks, VP of Finance at SA Recycling.

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“There are so many less clicks with Dooap,
than there would be with Dynamics 365.”

Sandy Brooks, VP of Finance

Dooap makes invoice handling fun and easy


Dooap makes invoice handling efficient for the whole organization. It runs seamlessly in tandem with Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO and AX 2012.

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