Parkland County, a municipal district located west of the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, is home to over 30,000 residents. The city of Parkland gives a country charm in addition to its lively atmosphere. Parkland County is there to serve its residents through providing services, goods, and programs, and developing and maintaining a safe community.

Parkland Figures

10 - 15k

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Already active in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Parkland County issued a request for proposals for an accounts payable automation solution as part of its plans to begin their journey towards freeing up their employees time of manual tasks. Parkland County was looking for software that would be easy to learn and with a noteworthy user interface. Secondly, they needed an AP automation software company that could commit to quick implementation and AP expertise to help guide their team to a successful project.

During the RFP process, Dooap's expert team of solution consultants showed Parkland County's team that they can rely on them by showcasing their level of AP expertise, fast response times, and complete cooperation between teams. Ultimately, leading Parkland to choose Dooap.

Parkland County expressed concerns over the capability to address local government-specific processes and comply with the Canadian tax system. Since the Dooap environment is able to be configured to meet local requirements, the need to address specific processes and tax systems was no problem for the Dooap team.

As part of Dooap's AP solution experts' support, Dooap's team worked closely with Parkland throughout its entire experience to ensure their processes and workflows were fully optimized. From start to finish, Dooap's team had a quick response time which depicted the dedication to making sure that Parkland County's team was delighted with the software. Additionally, Dooap's user interface and sleek design allowed for an easy learning experience on how to use the software and witness, through the elegant BI reports, how the AP automation software is elevating their department to another level of efficiency. Dooap's world-class support didn't stop after Parkland County went live. In fact, it carries on even after their team goes live, Dooap will always continue to go above and beyond for Parkland. Ultimately, leading Parkland County's AP team to the utmost success and elatedness.