Established nearly 100 years ago, Luck Companies - comprised of three business units: Luck Stone, Luck Ecosystems, and Luck Real Estate Ventures - has become an industry leader in the aggregate materials world. Luck Stone is the nation's largest family-owned and operated provider of crushed stone, sand, and gravel for construction, civil engineering, and environmental industries. Luck Ecosystems produces high-quality environmental performance products that filter stormwater, protect the land and shore, support plant growth, and optimize playing field surfaces. While, Luck Real Estate strives to positively impact economic growth in Virginia and Mid-Atlantic regions through industrial real estate ventures.

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Initially, when Luck Companies was on AX 2012, they selected an AP automation solution from a large corporate vendor that was directly embedded into their ERP system. However, this solution required the setup of many complex customizations that Luck needed in order to achieve their desired goals. Luck eventually upgraded their ERP from AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 FO. During the transition, Luck lost most of their customizations that were initially established on their previous AP automation platform. Ultimately, pushing them back to square one.

Given the complexity of the implementation, Luck decided it was time to start considering other options in the market and sent out an RFP. Previously, Dooap was a runner-up choice during Luck’s initial RFP process; but, since they had a history with the other AP automation solution, it seemed like the best choice. This time around, Luck wanted an AP Automation solution that would require minimal customization, stay connected with D365, a user-friendly interface, great implementation support (during and post), and real-time monitoring of the invoice. During the next round of RFPs, Luck met with Dooap. They were presented a demo that utilized real-world scenarios, giving Luck the confidence that Dooap was the best fit to handle those. Seeing how easy it is to use Dooap, the modern look and feel, and the price point made choosing Dooap a no-brainer.

Dooap’s team of experts fostered a partnership with Luck's team throughout the duration of the implementation process, which made the implementation process go more smoothly than expected. Dooap’s team was very involved in every step of the process to help ensure Luck remained confident that their project was on track and they would always have assistance readily available. Detailed plans, consistent and productive meetings, and fast response times allowed Luck to be up and running in 12 weeks with no downtime. Implementing Dooap in phases (one group of users first and then other groups added later) assured that each team member was confident in their knowledge of Dooap to start working on it, leaving no man behind. The support and service does not end when the software is up and running.

Dooap’s team of AP experts is always there to support Luck in any way they need, whenever they need it. The size of Dooap’s team allows for an intimate and nimble experience. The feedback that Luck provides to Dooap in order to help better their experience is always accounted for and acknowledged, leaving Luck with the best experience possible while working with Dooap’s AP automation solution and service team.

After experiencing a quick implementation, Luck experiences a smooth AP process thanks to a modern look and feel, a user-friendly solution with a customer support team that is always there if you need them.