Operating in Finland, Sweden, and the Baltic countries, Inlook is a leading Finnish service company focused on interior construction. With decades of expertise and experience in its field, Inlook is a developer and pioneer in material and structural solutions and working methods in the interior construction industry. The company collaborates with architects, designers, and other builders to implement high-quality, functional, and impressive interiors.

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In the winter of 2021, Inlook started the upgrade project from Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 system to the cloud-based D365. After just a year-long project - that was mostly remotely implemented during the pandemic - the new system launched in March 2022. As part of the ERP upgrade, Inlook also decided to renew the invoice automation system and chose Dooap, which integrates seamlessly with D365. The project involved four group companies operating in Finland.

"We wanted an AP automation solution that works seamlessly with D365 and can also be used on mobile," says Sanna Leskinen, Inlook's Head of Group Services. Inlook's previous solution only worked with a computer and a VPN, meaning that you always had to “take the time” for invoice approval, Leskinen mentions. That was no longer acceptable because invoice approvers work mainly on construction sites and not as often in the office. With Dooap’s mobile app, approving invoices is made easy, without overlooking security. From the financial management perspective, Leskinen appreciates that, with Dooap, you can constantly aim at a more comprehensive automation. "We wanted to get rid of simple routine work so that the automation takes care of routines and frees up users' time for something smarter."

Inlook has about 40,000 purchase invoices a year. Most of them arrive as e-invoices, and the rest are practically in pdf format via email. The e-invoices go directly to Dooap, and pdf invoices are also easily imported.

Leskinen sees an ERP upgrade project as an opportunity to review the company's processes and operating methods and clean up the master data. For example, Inlook made changes to the chart of accounts and dimensions. Leskinen welcomes the fact that these changes no longer had to be made in Dooap once the master data had been set within D365. She encourages organizations embarking on an ERP upgrade to be realistic and reserve enough time for process planning and project management. Inlook's project team carried out the project alongside their work, and the project was completed on schedule and within budget. Leskinen also highlights the partner's professional and committed project team, with whom the cooperation was goal-oriented and smooth.

Sanna Leskinen expresses that she has received great feedback about Dooap. The onboarding of the software itself went quickly and effortlessly and was put into production a few days ahead of schedule. “Our users already had mobile apps downloaded, and they got up and running quickly. Dooap’s mobile app is great because the mobile app offers the same things you can do on the desktop app. You wait for the tea water to boil and at the same time approve a couple of invoices,” she laughs. The employees who would be using Dooap, approximately 100 people, had to participate in two 30-minute training sessions; also, users received user manuals and tips sessions at Teams for additional assistance.

As a noteworthy advancement, Sanna Leskinen mentions Dooap's analytics, which is on a completely different level compared to Inlook’s previous solution. She says she is still in the early stages of taking advantage of it because there is a lot to offer. Process control works, as the solution makes it easy to see where invoices are within the process or where the bottlenecks are. Invoice approvers also benefit from analytics, for example, in project management, when historical data is much more readily available than before.